It is impossible sail seaborne on mattress

Many reposing beside us in Feodosii love to sail on inflatable mattress. But this not safely. The Mattress itself boat, but much not reliable. On beach in lease give the mattresses which as one through vapour hours require the sops, but that and earlier. But suddenly form the situation such that will carry away you on such mattress in open sea. And that further. There was mattress good, that possible was sail several days until will find or do not rescue. But if on such mattress, so will in general forget that you on the safe side and will constantly be in water and swing their own light its ship:)
I personally sailling well, but on mattress seaborne to sail, this too. For this there is pneumatic boats though and it at desire will carry away seaborne and ask not will. But but then if you in boat sail, that you and water with itself will take and from sun that that takes cover. In boat of the chances on survival more, than on mattress. On mattress per diem burn without water and on open sun. How much events were such. Carried away seaborne boys and even did not find the remains. The Crabs and ????? which will sell on beach all eat that on bottom falls:)
Sail to Turkish BEACH

Here is recently in Zaporozhskoy area seaborne two pairs on mattress has carried away. One has fallen out with mattress and has sunk. But the second sail in current two day seaborne and only on distance 27 km from coast his miraculously rescued swimming beside fishermen. The Lad evil ???????. He is a most of its sea journey sailled not at solar time. But so to the whole other else were and solar burns. But this already where pechalinee.
If has seaborne carried away to drink to come its urine, yes, yes! And are not dared. Only as well as not otherwise. This will give you chance and is prolonged life for several days. But if drink sea salty water, that death approaches much earlier...
Development of a personality Development of a personality
Development of a personality To society in the right direction developed must first understand what the canons develops psychology as a male part and a female. Not the secret, both directions are developing not in unison with one another. The difference psychology of communication and behavior as obvious as everything else. More and more attention in the society is paid to the problems of gender relationships. The study of psychology of the behavior of men in certain situations can help the woman to be less vulnerable and more desirable. Why do marriages fail? The reason is not that Oh love is evil, I fell in love with a goat, and that psychology and demeanor is very much subject to temporary processes. Over time someone becomes lazy and this other annoying, and someone begins to drink thereby allegedly t... [2013-11-05]

Some stories Dating Some stories Dating
Some stories Dating The new year is always a lot of interesting events and mass of new friends. Usually by the end of the year all the best fucking friends just disappear and you no longer remember. As for new friends, they still have to look for. So where to find clever and charming friends? Problems especially do not see this. I register, but rather a long time was registered on the website and there changing so much happens in just one day, looking for new friends I just don not do. I live and deal with those who have, those who will, mainly that acquaintance was nice and brought any good. Some are logged to a good marriage, I, in principle, not married, but have not thought about a time when you have to wash the diapers and think where to get money for it to but themselves even feed and baby. ... [2013-11-05]