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 Recipes of eternal youth Recipes of eternal youth
Old age and youth has its borders. They intersect and one complements the other. You can be young and thinking like an old man, but you can be old but be the same my energetic as the young generation. In General, everything in this world is relative and all at the same time has the weight and price. In ancient times, people may have lived much longer than currently. Perhaps there were other conditions, was dirt, neither in this part or in other frequency bands. And it was believed if the person died at the age of 70 years, then he died in the cradle.. In our age of rapid average life expectancy is slightly different, about 70 years. To live a long life can be, but how it does it stupidity or on the stupidity of our being. As I said that youth is the status of the first thoughts, and then everything else. How... [2013-11-01]

  What he thinks of the old maid? What he thinks of the old maid?
All girls are the same. Dreams they too similar, it is desirable to get married successfully,then the kiddies children and wear brains to her husband about their security! Times change and currently sit stupidly and take care of household chores fail! Not valued as the work of men, that he had the money to cover family expenses. But the girls still remain the same and continue to seek his Ivan the white Super! and with fluffy fur seals in the bargain. Most certainly find their interesting option and not very, but are content with what they have. But not all the same! I have for example sister is, so she just work hard and her family and everything else just doesn not need it! It is like a tabloid, work, clean and fluffy, and the house just slob!... [2013-11-01]