2011 GW9 will pass between Earth and the Moon

2011 GW9 will pass between Earth and the Moon 2011 GW9 will pass between Earth and the Moon
Yesterday near the Earth flew two asteroid body of rather large size. Boulders the size of 6 and 10 meters flying at a prodigious rate. I looked through the telescope plain reflector. But not noticed absolutely no movement so impressive phone they May these two asteroids and flying somewhere in Chile and Peru, but we in the sky over the Feodosia them not observed. Of course it is difficult to see, because the illumination of such a small size of the Sun is not visible on earth. Although I think we would have seen if the Ohr Hozer was heading in the direction of the Crimea. Apparently most likely I won't see because first they flew over on the other side of the Earth. and secondly, the light was reflected solar in the other direction.
And the scientists wrote that allegedly asteroid 2011 GW9 will pass between Earth and the Moon almost somewhere in the middle ( 192 000 km from the Earth), and the second 2011 GP28 closer practically next door at a distance of 77 thousand kilometers. The most distant satellites he did not catch on at all desire, the fact that so elongated orbits devices simply yet.
So yesterday night was gone. Sat on the roof of the house and drank just Fanta with pies. While asteroids where the flying waved us handle, a shame, but in fact!
Free Internet in the Crimea Free Internet in the Crimea
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