Tourist in Cream was added in 2010

Not secret that infrastructure Cream it is enough popular place of the rest for Rossiyan. The Level of the crimean prices their completely makes. They with lightness part with money and go on rest with 1000 green and not less on one person. With such money and corn on 10 ?????? for is swung and prawns on 8 ?????? for glass simply razvlechenie.
Ukrainian tourists in its country repose on obtruded by business condition, but business is orientated on that who with lightness for facilities pays not conceiving about their price. If to example usual ukrainian years 10 back with lightness could buy the pass in hotel where ?????? shall say in Partenite, that presently this pleasure available not many. Having average earnings in 2000 ?????? hardly ??????????? for year 5 thousand, for rest in sanitarium. But repose that don't care on sea to want, here is and moves the russian tourist in hotel complexes, but ukrainian sector on quotient. If repose Dikarem , that in principle 2000 ?????? with ??????? on one will be enough, but ?????? to go, is necessary on much more. The Cost vein differring, but products on the price basically as in any part of the Ukraine so the main ????????? part zhilie.
Rest in Feodosii

From official sources known statistics on reposing. As not strange price grow, but tourist less did not become and in Feodosii for the last floor of the year has reposed in 1.5 times people more than for this period past goda.
With begin year all, and organized and unorganized reposing, here visitted more than 102 thous. person while in 2009 - 71,3 thous.. In hotel and hotels lived for a while nearly 42,2 thous. visitor (in 2009 38,7 thous.), in private sector nearly 59,9 thous. person (32,7 thous..). The Trend such, tourist searches for the home in private sector this year! The Truth not understandable as it was winnowed count all reposing, who summeries where gave and from where known how much in private sector reposes. In soviet timeses count was winnowed on base of the increase the expense of bread in city, and he was is enough whetted. All bread eat and growing of the consumption of this product was connected with zooming otdyhayuschih.
Here and now all owners basically escape from tax and do not register their own lodger. So numeral brought above from feodosian of the mass media not so uzh and exact as it were wanted. In realities private sector is loaded on 70 percents nearly, but ???? understand the scales of the increase reposing it is enough to count the amount a quotient homebuilding and on each add the minimum on 5 persons. Thereby we shall get the numeral real reposing at present. On that beach where I constantly repose in one and ditto time, people much more, than expected. If slip over and shall go to bathe not at 7 o'clocks morning, but in 9, that place normal on 2 town beaches in Feodosii not will already, all will be occupied and will remain only to lie on mattress and swim away for scythe ???? simply lie, ???? on you were not trampled and did not get.... The Mattress deal good, but on it umbrella will not put :)
Apropos many in general do not remove the home! I have noticed that such since each year more and more. Arrive on machine and sleep in machine parked on street Feodosii. But same which have arrived on train and do not want to part with 100 griven for place to sleep simply sleep on seaside on mattress, without tents even. Presently nights hot and freeze on Feodosia beach simply is not got.
Romance on the sea shore Romance on the sea shore
On the sea shore romance I want to marry? No problem! Go to the Bazaar behind his knot! We all appreciate each other and the life it is not inherently love and feelings and simple Bazaar, where someone that you sell, and someone has to pay for this. And we girls the main thing in this life is not a bad bargain. Get married in our day event!... [2013-11-05]

Lover is good, but.... Lover is good, but....
Lover is good, but her husband at home this is so convenient! Lover on the side worse than her husband at home in bed. And this happens!... [2013-11-01]