Path of lovers in Feodosiya

Resort infrastructure of the city Feodosiya constantly develops on card appear all new and new tourist routes. But on this ideas do not end, Government of Pheodosia has reported on intention to analyse the offers of the people about new tourist route and if such will really be interesting to include them in program of the tourist sphere goroda.
In Feodosii veins and created the great novelist Green, and businessmans seen that all that is connected all more popular becomes with creative activity of this writer and popular. (One of the example, near building museum on against is herded Brigantina , newlywedses left the locks on faithfulness. All therefore that near building museum Grinu ?????? the romanticism). Have Offered the zone of the rest to related themes of the product Grina
Old lodges Forshtadta

Government of Pheodosia waits from townsfolk dreams on this count, waits the real offers on improvement of the infrastructure of the tourism in city Feodosii. This must be that is of interest mass spectator that to attract in city more tourist that will do the rest a visitor more rememberring, but will consequently do real has brushed against for the future in plan to popular the Pheodosia as resort place with big potential. Offers must be not simply fruit fantasy, but real offer with real entailment and way by financing, but in the same way period realizacii.
Control on tourism Feodosii has definite plan for the matter of that. There is several real offers In cartridge clip, which possible come to unite in one integer action. The question is project realization which possible on territory of the old city (from Ukrtelekoma and before Forshtadta and Quarantine). The Project interesting and as was it earlier told is bound closely with historian of the city, possible this will be a zone of the rest in stiletto romantic narratives Alexander Grina. Reconstruct like is not planned quite nor what, only there is desire all significant places in this region to unite in united interesting route and name its romantic Path of the love , all in stiletto Grina. After all if believe the predictions Grina, that Feodosiya this city where are performed fondest daydreams and desires. If stimulate this direction, that many simply for the sake of their own daydreamings will pass the path love and probably not once. After all she rather significant and memorable places packed on whole its extent from cape Ilii before most centre goroda.
Romance on the sea shore Romance on the sea shore
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Lover is good, but.... Lover is good, but....
Lover is good, but her husband at home this is so convenient! Lover on the side worse than her husband at home in bed. And this happens!... [2013-11-01]