Feodosii there is its Fort Noks

? Feodosii there is its Fort Noks
Since moment of the disinteration USSR in Feodosii site, as earlier rest simply did not become. Many rest homes as state institutions have stopped its existence. Have Changed the signboards and ??????. But not little were built new rest home, small quotient of the cottages ashore epidemic deathes, mini of the hotels for reposing on vapour(pair) group of ten number. As a rule such hotel is found close seaward and has its area of the beach locked for stranger. One of such hotels carries the name, connected with gold(en) spare USA, as follows with Fort-Nox Hotel in the centre Feodosii carries the interesting overseas name Fort-Nox, hotel itself more reminds the turkish complex, than that that ukrainian. Even, the style of the building similars as two dripped water on many minis of the hotel located on CHernomorskom seaside Turcii. This certainly not bad, when our businessmans take all best that have produced world tourist ???????. But all wanted have a crimean seaside not to look like the whole rest world, all must be that that ukrainian or Cream not Ukraina?
In all ????????? of the censures on given hotel complex simply no. The Building has a form of the rectangle with european ??????????? by roof under tile. The Floors whole three, in each number there is all condition for full-fledged rest in that short time, which not on sea conducts potential otdyhayuschiy.
FORT-NOX in Krymu

On photo is seen that hotel not simply hotel, but the present refrigerator. There is conditioner In each number. The Number not greater on one or two persons with comfort. I think reposing on sea are interested more by sea and air, than that that there is in number. Though in number full mincemeat! Sanuzel with ?????? and bidet, conditioner, TV-fcompanion(satellite), refrigerator, safe, hair dryer, modern furniture. For ????????? of the number, too not little services for full-fledged rest. The Big pool (sea water), ?????, billiards, common-room of the rest, restaurant, ???????. Under all abudance of the interested persons, the number in hotel always free there is. Follows to note the rich furnishings of the restaurant FORT-NOX , which has chosen the street floor of the building and has an useful area on 50 places. The Day possible to begin with march for goblet blame in restaurant FORT-NOX , but afterwards through restaurant to leave on special ??????????? piece of the beach and flop in water! Do Not bore the old womans yelling on usual beach Boiled corn or Prawns, boiled prawns , their simply here no. Has Wanted to drink juice or same blame with water, leave in bar, good before it ten metres. The Choice there it is enough similars for Crimean hotels, much different blames, juice, tea and as usually carbonated water. There is else and year platform, there usually folk ????? with 11 mornings, before 15.00 at period ?????? (the bright sultry sun), but before and hereon time there simply emptily. So that choose themselves when and where repose, but hotel FORT-NOX , this usual place, which on seaside Kryma great ensemble. And I think does not cost(stand) go on rest in one constantly and ditto liked place, whether even hotel FORT-NOX , better look the world and get the new sensations, than sit their own 15 days of the furlough in accustomed ?????????? small piece of coal under name FORT-NOX .
FORT-NOX restaurant on street floors gostinicy

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