Safety in the Internet

Safety in the Internet The Internet is as good and bad. With information about themselves and their loved ones need to be careful. Information about you and your family will be not only in good hands, but much further. Not a secret, that many special services collect data from ???????? in social networks and systemize them in their databases. Therefore, the Council will be simple and concise: Not to write the truth as it is. Write hints and all sorts of other double phrases turnovers. This will not be an easy prey network swindlers, which strangely enough, but the Internet is not less, and a hundred times more!
Security lessons on Dating site Now I will tell you about how this method to apply in practice if you fill out a profile on a Dating site or elsewhere. First and most importantly, do not write your contact details! And if you write, then write invented.
Never give out your real name and surname in those places where it asked for. Create a cool nick, for example "Malvina", if a girl or say "Buratino", if the guy. So do the same with other contact information. Type the site, mail and telephone. Telephone specify Linden easier than any profile, it will be no problem, but what about mail, you can create on any server giveaway e-mail addresses. Mail this generally will be subject to spammers and there by special software to their advertising booklets will send all sorts of mediocre advertisers. All your information will be visible to anyone got on your page and it is not excluded, that among all the visitors do not come along any "Misdirected Cossack from Izzy trick". The ISI ?????????? completely different goals on this Dating site and generally Izzy Obramovich searches the network for suckers, then to their "to do" as you like. You can always tell your data love in dealing young "SUITCASE", and at the initial stage, even to this brow infa in a bummer...
If you always sit in the chat and communicate with you liked "Malvina", then do not remove the history of communication this will allow you without any stress analyzing the entire chain from beginning to end to get the true intent of your partner communication. If you notice something suspicious, it is better to just the likes of you as an object of questionable interest, push the BAN list or "ignored list". It is out on his page on a Dating site or social network will not see. And if you don not give accurate information about yourself, and you will not find in any case. I hope the idea caught and lessons conspiracy learned in 5 points.
The following advice for girls hanging on Dating sites is information on how you can use your phone to identify all sorts of undesirable elements in a network the Internet, that is on a Dating site in particular. For example you foolishly gave a phone person, but at this stage it is not of interest, what to do and how to get rid of harassment calls?
You can change the card, but it is not comfortable! You can add the selected number to the black list. But it does not save from the call, because you are your nagging old friend will be calling from the other rooms? How to cheat? This is done simply. You can create a redirect to a non-existent number of your network operator, then the person the caller will hear the message: "the Number is not fixed not for any of the subscribers of our network!". What will you think? Card no! Card destroyed! And attempts to call from other rooms more will not do... If you are with a friend of communication are in the same network (the single operator of cellular communication), but you have another phone number from another operator, you can subscriber annoying to put in a circle, that is to redirect to the other room, and with it the number of the subscriber. As a result, he himself calls will constantly hear in the tube (the subscriber is busy, call back later), that is cool!
The visual information is also something so worth it! In order to understand what the person is breathing, ask him his photo. If the photo is not the same as or old, then you should consider the advisability of the development of relations in the future. This must be done before agreeing on a real eye contact.
Well and now the finishing phase. You arrange the meeting and meet. How do everything for safety? Agree about a meeting in a public place and discuss who will be wearing. You dress quite another and go on a date, pass by and look at a person, if you see the anxiety in his eyes, but obviously that is not then, as if everything is normal, then get away from him and call him telling you that you hit a traffic jam or you have a burst pipe or grandmother gave birth to a rabbit! In General come up with excuse. The second time still but you meet and communicate. Advisable that you watch, brother or friend, because the cases are different. Only after these procedures person gets the status "VERIFIED" and Pets in the inner circle of communication.
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