First kiss who remembers it?

First kiss who remembers it? First kiss
The first kiss is always kind and sensual, but over time, all that clear what caused a thrill where disappears and only the diversity reminds distant first experience with a kiss.
Kiss this kind of inoculation from stress and microbes. Kiss relaxes and simultaneously instilling adaptive viruses. After all, with the saliva to you in the mouth fall and third-party hormones and proteins that increase resistance of the body and contribute to a better survival in the modern world.
How many times should kiss a day? All are absolutely different and everything is not unique, and the response in this matter at all and should not be expected. As long as you want, as much you can. If this lesson you uplifting, then the benefits will be too, and on a different level. According to statistics, basically we kiss in the morning and in the evening, but if the husband is running close to the break you can pop in and guests of the kiss and sit down to rest in the native Bitch. This is an ideal, and through life quite differently. Early in the morning husband without disturbing his wife that after dinner flies at work and in the evening the wife says he is tired and wants to sleep. And so day after day comes couple for the weekend and then begins. Choose the entire stock of emotions and showered kisses from the horn of plenty, tired but still rested on a different level, we begin the new work week.
So that it may be so, but this is not correct! It is all not true! It does not favor it gives the body and around like a bunch of dynamite undermines the defensive building. You know that stress is caused both by positive emotions and negative. In small doses, stress leads to the evolution of an organism called man. But when either positive stress or negative many, cases of diseases such people happen.
What conclusion do?
Kissin not being zealous finish the culmination and only in this case, a man will not eyes to mow the short skirts, and on the street will have less accidents. And women will be calmer for their dead men that are essentially similar to amorphous material for some time after sexual good discharge.
All the above I refer to the kisses between a man and a woman. Here benefit from this type of activities is very positive. Need a kiss eventually grew into the dependence both in terms of physiological and in terms of the psychic. So remember this phrase philosopher: We are responsible for those who tamed. If the husband is a great kisser, it is normal. And if smart woman with such a man, men are just all wonderful. Kiss this shake-up of hormonal system of an organism both sexes. Kiss it as a launching pad for all the rest, for the sake of what, in principle, we cross the near zone of each other.
As a medic tip! There are cases that require special consideration, especially in men undergoing disease prostatitis or epididymitis, or something. Prostatitis usually leaves after itself the spikes and if you husband well kiss takes to work, then he cannot work, because of its Tail, he will have a desire to reset stress (Luggage low sperm or somewhere that the poor passes). Such men according to statistics, about 80% and if you are a clever woman, you should understand that concrete kiss the morning of may encourage sex in lunch with his Secretary. So be careful with kisses, for it is as good a bomb with a delayed effect, and will be for a woman just fine if the fuse to burn with a kiss in the morning and explode it in the evening. But again, this is an ideal, but in life it seems that a little differently!
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