Man is hunter

Man is  hunter Man is hunter
The nature of women created legs them has opened a hole and strange word! Men by nature are hunters and they sometimes very strange to abandon their hunting habits. In an era of equality of the sexes, this zeal is not quenched, and flared up with new force. No conflicts with the nature of the women in our not easy time trying to encourage men to hunt them. If you look the description of a similar epic, not guarantees. Boil chicken rooster, but thinks not whether fast I run. And the rooster thinks: do Not try to catch him so run!. If a woman will play the role of production, then sooner or later the man to her lost complete interest. If a woman wants to be popular in the eyes of men and not become the Read a book, which will be gathering dust on the shelf and remain in oblivion, it must constantly awaken in man thirst hunting. Remember and don not forget, if a hunter in the woods alone and ROE deer just one, he becomes bored and he loses interest in hunting, if oe deer his cunning and capable to run away from him. Hint to his handpicked successor, that in your heart there are lots of applicants and that you popular extraction, and he is apparently not a hunter, if wants you to run. If the man in the measure jealous of you in his presence would single out any one of those present gestures or attention, and then you burn candle passion and fire of love will inflame with new force. But if a man is just an ardent jealous, something good from this undertaking cannot go and hence it is better not to Wake the beast, and sometimes it turns out worse than it was before. If husband decided to tease and flirt side, the game play, but do not overdo it, because you just anger hunter and he will be very angry for not only hunting going on its territory, but to everything else going on without him.
What is Cheating and why signified the word excites the minds of mankind? Cheating is essentially humiliation of one of the parties, the blow to self and self-esteem. At least so say those who have suffered the treason on their shoulders. If one of the parties inspired by the flirt gone too far, don not give up, there is always a chance to avert the dangerous development of the situation at any level of relations. Attitude toward the changes in both sexes equally, both parties consider treason treason. The party that feels betrayed his inferiority and acquires all sorts of completely sometimes dangerous complexes. In contrast to male infidelity, of women betrayal accompanied usually sensual manifestations. But of the men betrayal mostly I just momentary weakness, which, when systematic may turn into a mutual feeling. The man who brought treason on a silver platter in the first few minutes it is difficult to understand, what is it? His emotions overwhelmed and sometimes they can be very and very heated, any man going through as personal injury, which hurt his pride. A man in such a situation rarely feels the support of the society, often over a man just laugh Deer with horns! or Cuckold. But the woman weak creation of the nature-society takes under his wing and very often even in case of its immediate guilt becomes on her side motivating its natural weakness.
Treason in the form of light encourages competition, and in particular its manifestations causes revenge. There are some objective data which confirm the fact that men and women are capable of revenge, but in varying degrees of rage. Men mostly owners and they are to play a greater percentage. So remember that flirting who do you think would awaken jealousy in the husband, it may chance of stupidity, much further and it just will guide you horns for the first time, and it will only get worse!
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