Lover is good, but....

Lover is good, but.... Lover is good, but her husband at home this is so convenient!
Lover on the side worse than her husband at home in bed.
And this happens! I want to tell you a story about their sexual experiences with the second man. The first was of course, super, but after ten years of cohabitation became a look in a bottle and just began to pull all of the home and for this reason we broke up. Although the man was at least in the fire even in the water at any time, he could and he wanted. No matter what time of the day and night, and location. We all poses tried in the aisles of course reasonable and probably just weren not fucking on red square only because if there to deal with this matter among white day is just advice you will get.
Ten years passed one year, I was a Queen and he is my king. Because as soon as I wanted to "carrots", they always have been and I do not even think about treason Il something similar at all.
As soon as we parted with him I have seen on the forehead appears that I am one, and to me you can stick. Met one guy seems to be attentive, caring for me all is as it should be, but in intimate terms just full out. He cannot because of fatigue, he does not want because we heard, that some or fad. In General I am very annoying and sometimes I just mad at myself, because of my stupid choice. But time passed, and next appeared nobody, and so we got married. It all happened with my consent and by the fact that my macho quoted convinced me that in marriage all will be as it should. But after marriage became much more prosaic courtship gradually undermined, and the requirements increase with each passing day more and more. He is not too old and in principle is still childbearing age, but I'm on this "Bull could not fly" and a child with a long time was not. Life went on and I went to work like a broken vessel, sex for me is something more than a mug of coffee in the morning. Without sex I just horrible, everything hurts and do not hunt absolutely anything.
I try to bring in our relationship romance and as soon as I wanted to, taken over the case and how would sought his, but it came out so I got tired and my husband just relax. Once arriving at work, so my friend and I talked on the phone about their problem, the type of so and so husband neither fish nor fowl and at all sex second week no. Just no one is own and aching all over and the work is not glued in General, just a nightmare. But as usually happens that then Yes you will forget. I am not turned off the phone to the Director and he is all my chatter listened attentively without interrupting. Then he called me and peeled back the full program with the words: "now I know why you Valentina do not have time to process the paperwork!". I was half an hour in shock and did not know where to look. Sitting like a fool till evening, and only on the way home realized that I betrayed her husband. These are the things I think. And then calmed himself and let things take their course.
Chef me not terrorized and not molested, but as soon as I saw that I sit and sleep on workplace called me and we had sex in the office under the guise of processing of incoming documents. Under the door began to periodically gather people and all were looking for a Secretary to ask about the Director, and it just was not there and the Director of the door was locked. In General in our company all the same who then Yes figured that we with the Director of the play love and reported my husband.
And that like the chain broke and started me just for.... he was able to stand constantly. Everything seems to be fine, I knocked up and wait for the child, but now I am his macho will not want in any form and in any place. The reason is not that I am pregnant, and in what he was simply tired. Earlier the ????????? from my caresses and attention, and here is just the chain broke. As all is not right, as all is not so.
So there you are. My advice to you girl, if to feel in good shape you need to be stimulated lover, then immediately divorce them and do not force her husband. We are women and we should want, and dumb. If the husband does not want, then who else wants certainly.
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