What prevents the relations of men and women?

What prevents the relations of men and women? That does harm to relations in the beginning? Two common errors!
You probably have in life was for example once such a situation? You have met a cool guy! Everything is just great! You meet a second time, like everything went on a first date well enough! In the evenings you think and analyze its behavior, to create its unique appropriate manner for your partner. Everything seems to be in my dreams before, and here it is finally implemented into something serious, that can be touched and with whom you can chat!
But you are not aware that the third appointment will not be simple! Your partner will avoid you. You call him, and he answers that work fully and that it is sent on a business trip to Honduras! And Honduras very far and he probably there will not arrive at all! In General the person you liked as a woman! What was specifically not liked? Nothing in common drugs. Each such situation is simply unique! As there are no identical people, and there are no similar actions and the reasons for the push to make them!
Many women are just starting to annoy myself with all sorts of nagging. And look for the reason in ourselves. That said, something or did not? And think if I could read or something on this topic, perhaps more errors not do anything! And the next person running away so fast, and would be the only fact which is addition to the total formation called the Family. Today I am in a brief form to tell you about the reasons of such behaviour of men. About what to do and what cannot under any circumstances do on the first and second date. In General it will be a kind of campaign against illiteracy of women of middle-aged Svetlana Lana! And so ???????...
Let is start with those actions that keep men from women. I will list you may not be news, and the very real errors that should not be repeated in the first days of fellowship with man.
1.I the most charming and attractive, I just Super Star!
Man is a creature that loves praise! A man a woman needs as a friend and comrade who would praised his courage and skill and talent! At the same time a man wants to next to him was the most beautiful woman! What an Etalon! Neckline with brains! Man wants to be a lady was the most beautiful to him as to the male of all men envied! You must be the one which needs to be as smart as he is, the same wise, but in any case not to advertise it at the first and subsequent meetings. Not get up price level! Don't say the man that you super duper him like this will ever find! All this simply kill the interest! Man subconsciously constantly looking for and if he say that he is on top, then the whole interest in the hunt he disappears and he is looking for another rock where the top is a long and interesting climbing!
Man is always the leader! Man does not tolerate explicit in-your-face manifestations of pressure from the women! Rarely a man wants to be under the heel of the leader of the women. It is usually the cat lying on the couch all the time and absolutely housework or home does! Sometimes one just gets in ??????? to another, and so easier to live, but here is the leader of this is not so interesting! And this, in turn, lead to the fact that you are such a man-mattress to give up for the true leader!
Although sometimes be a vigorous, I would say with pressure capture future partner to many like it! A weak man just run away! His fate to be bedside table infantile stinker!
2. do not offer on the first date to get married!
Even if you already meet more than a month, this does not mean that you are an ideal couple and both know each other enough to make each other a marriage proposal. Perhaps you are mistaken in thinking that your partner is the Prince from a fairy tale. Often densely both women and men become as you are (take off the mask) only then when will stamp in the passport. And the longer you will meet and analyze, the greater the amount of information will have you on the basis of which and will be made the only right decision! At first just throw out of your head all the dreams about marriage rings! If we are dreaming, not flaunt it, but simply to Express the soul of his best friend! If you are dealing with his elect on this topic, it is likely he abandoned you and very soon! Even a hint on marriage and children should not be! Do not tell your man absolutely nothing, until he getting ansver on your question. But do not tighten relations, for it may happen that had meet with a man 10 years, and on the eleventh he will simply look younger and more beautiful! That is probably a few starting points, the basic directions on which either need to go or not! To solve actually you lovely women! Tell you a secret, such reasons as I gave you a great multitude! Read my article and I think mistakes in life, you'll do less, and happiness in the family will arrive more!
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