Throwing eggs in Feodosii on the beach

Attrakcion is identified get egg in window. In city passed the rumour that our mayor left with Calm check on evening Feodosii. That yes as in principle understand possible, I for he did not watch. Where he goes and that does little I interest. I interest the purity in city and normal rest for tourist since they us kormyat.
Kafaniyus has written the small article on cause of the passing to this inspections. In principle probably much have made this popular portal of the news of our city. I in principle did not see for mayor brawlled and caused the militia for suppression one adult men and one schoolboy. Which have solved to realize show Metni egg and earn prize. But on portal Kafaniyus write that ostensibly mayor did not like without harmony been going on beside former cafe Africa and he has caused the garb to militias. I in this time staked out dancing nacked girls in club Banzay. We simply reposed and throwing egg us simply did not interest. But that write in network to on this subject gossips blogers, which bloat the ballyhoo on cause and without cause to any subjects, but only only traffic to farted, but from where and on what reason, that little who worries. But will return to its baranam.
take egg out in Feodosii

I so think that man has simply solved to check the idea of the business with throwing egg. It Is Seen beside it on this count does not had the permits and he has simply got under scythe of the law. Well we shall say the lad does not ???????. Why I so has solved? Therefore that lad was well prepared, but in absence client constantly nervously smoked. It Is Seen felt nervous that deal that does not go and old woman not to fell in this evening. Near entry in club Banzay have installed the plywood shield. He was is colorful drawn all over skulls. The Shield not big so 2 metres on one and a half. In top window was sliced in shield as in pillbox loophole for arrow. I have first thought that will there sit the person and on him it is necessary will get the egg. But there see not will nor who at moment of the throwing, but chip in that, ???? simply get with determined distances in this window and the whole that. The Patron was two cartridge clips egg from supermarket, they lay with left sides from shield if stand for shield. Beside stood in bottle wine Modera. Exactly not litter how much bottles that there was, but Rafik has said that wine not expensive and in principle recoupment show one to two. The Master is seen was a young lad, he constantly smoked and walking near its shield. Was in get dark t-shirt and trousers over knee-deep. When we left to have a smoke, that he offered us to throw the egg for 20 griven for three eggs. We long stood in expectation of what or tourist wanting extrim, but does not waited and go sail.
will Go for Liva (the inflatable hutch with mug lion) bathe. The Sea was warm and time flew quickly. Well having haved a swim we have solved to go else to sit the beer with potato chips to have a drink and music to listen. When returned, that was already purely and show disappeared as snow at June. The Boys sat in club spoke that mayor was here and has caused the garb to militias, ostensibly from for disorder. The Strewn shell ??? and else what that. But after all there all were on high level in plan fight for purity. Near shield was ?????????? oilcloth, for not to make dirty bar. What else it is necessary was? The Question... Here is such concerto beside us have occurred on beach of Feodosii with participation of the mayor of the city! sting I did not see the culminations of the event since in that moment sailled seaborne as mermaids...
  What he thinks of the old maid? What he thinks of the old maid?
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