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Searching for friends from Feodosii in social set. The Correspondence in network occupies plenty of time from the personal time beside tinedgers. Observe such trend this year in network and womans medle age much more. That about Drunkard, that such in network internet much not much. Beside all possible already senile marasmus began and him quite not interesting amorous contact in world web. The Contact with girl such men change the contact with drinking companion on nature at the best, but in the most worst where terribly disgust beer in pab. I think if on chatter little in the personal encirclement, that possible and correspondence to guide to internet. Occasionly this delivers pleasing , but more often greater enjoyment, than chatter on small bench in usual situation. I about this know for sure. Want you to... [2010-09-13]

Kachy - Kalion is translated as crusade bot. Kachy - Kalion is translated as crusade bot.
The name of rock Kachy - Kalion is translated as crusade bot. If you leave on regular bus from Bahchisaraya to settle Verhorechie, but afterwards leave to look the gigantic canyon which for many ages has formed the stream rock, that hardly miss the gigantic on nose which unless turn on split hairs, possible consider the cross from rifts in stone sort. See for this reason given bluff and is named Crusade korabli . Steep declivity of rock goes on height more than 140 metres. The rock it is enough soft and this became see main reason of the origin in her ensemble of the caves. Additionally residence here safely and there is enough food and water. If appeared the danger a people could escape and in safe place to wait out before the best timeses. The Source on most top in grotto is named by name saint Anastasi... [2010-09-10]

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