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Technology USB 4.0 Technology USB 4.0
Due to USB 4.0 will have the speed to 10 Gbit/sec Not managed to still to get used to the new version of USB port 3.0, like here on the horizon loomed a new standard for data exchange with the possibility for such type of connection to transmit data at speeds of up to 10 Gbit per second. It all started with the development of Thunderbolt from Intel, the world community was as big bee clues about the new features USB interface, and new opportunities in this direction. Technology developers write that the speed of communication on the new chips could rise by two times at least when compared with the USB 3.0 ports. The new USB version 4.0. be able to sell metabolism at speeds of up to 10 Gbit per second. Another interesting fact that I learned about this, the opening is not on the American forums, and Chines... [2013-10-29]

Dating site for guys and girls from Feodosiya Dating site for guys and girls from Feodosiya
Communication вэбке is already a very useful structure for relaxation. In Feodosiya it became a problem in the age of electronic Dating find a normal guy. If earlier people lived slowly and resorts twisted novels, in the 21st century they just live in a hurry and not spend money on wine and girls, what do we have in result?. People constantly denied a chance to arrange my personal life.I it's exactly on the wave of time, and you can simplify a case investigation Department of the groom. In past centuries, such concerns were fond of village matchmaker. They dismissed gossip in the town of how charming and how charming bride and having heard this potential suitors like bees on a crust of watermelon gathered in marriage. In 2002 matchmaker not human flesh, and creation of electronic engineers and programmers. If ... [2013-10-29]

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