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Some stories Dating Some stories Dating
Some stories Dating The new year is always a lot of interesting events and mass of new friends. Usually by the end of the year all the best fucking friends just disappear and you no longer remember. As for new friends, they still have to look for. So where to find clever and charming friends? Problems especially do not see this. I register, but rather a long time was registered on the website and there changing so much happens in just one day, looking for new friends I just don not do. I live and deal with those who have, those who will, mainly that acquaintance was nice and brought any good. Some are logged to a good marriage, I, in principle, not married, but have not thought about a time when you have to wash the diapers and think where to get money for it to but themselves even feed and baby. ... [2013-11-05]

Man is  hunter Man is hunter
Man is hunter The nature of women created legs them has opened a hole and strange word! Men by nature are hunters and they sometimes very strange to abandon their hunting habits. In an era of equality of the sexes, this zeal is not quenched, and flared up with new force. No conflicts with the nature of the women in our not easy time trying to encourage men to hunt them. If you look the description of a similar epic, not guarantees. Boil chicken rooster, but thinks not whether fast I run. And the rooster thinks: do Not try to catch him so run!... [2013-11-05]

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