Advanced Networking Initiative network of new generation.

Advanced Networking Initiative network of new generation. Advanced Networking Initiative network of new generation.
Everyone knows that the Internet we have in Feodosia not so good as I wanted. In large cities it is cheaper and better. We are all in the countryside. But do not despair, because in our capital, Kiev, against the U.S. Pentagon in General is even worse. If we have a home Internet distribution of the order of 5 megabits, and has, so it is only in that case if you sit alone on the network segment of your provider and everything else pulling the site not from the Russian segment through Yandex, as with UA-X and via Meta. Those in Feodosia speed connection points. Recently received a message from MTS, which they now have unlimited Internet UAH 2 per day. I began this Internet to try and test. I will say that it is not the Internet, and camp or aul! All day I downloaded on the phone in just 15 meters and then all g... In General, and mobile Internet economy packages in Feodosia yet, what to say about super computers or super networks.
Here for example the USA have announced the construction of a new computer network with a bandwidth of 100 Gbit. It is not even MTS with its optical ring in the towns and villages and not the satellite transmission. It is way cooler than you can imagine. Due to the fact that network is applied a number of new technical solutions engineering personnel will be able in principle to achieve the throughput capacity of 100 GB. This is almost 10 times bigger than any of the existing network in the world.
The network will be used for scientific purposes, so that in the real time process as much of the incoming information. And information received many servers that receive data from sensors on Andron Collider and from the astronomical Observatory Kepler and from many of the institutions that will have access to the excess of the speed Internet backbone.
As you understand this is not just a high-speed wire between the old thing. This is essentially new equipment from A to Ya its Cost according to the approximate data 62 million dollars. Perhaps when we have a real connection 100 Mbps, in America, the average user will be a hundred times the speed. After all, on the basis of this technology in the future plan to create a network of commercial use. Such networks will reduce the number of all kinds of transitional links (Switches, routers and hubs) this increase speeds. Monitor such a network can one operator from the control room, and that prior to the use of physical channels, but all will be less interest.
In Internet about this network can be read by typing in Google or Yandex phrase Advanced Networking Initiative . The first section of the network will unite scientific laboratories in some States of America, and by the end of 2012, almost all the scientific centers of America will be looped into such a powerful network. In the statement the Ministry of energy of the USA says that the network is about 50 000 times faster than standard 3G connection on your phone.
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