Digital TV in Feodosia

Digital TV in Feodosia Digital TV in Feodosia
In large cities of Ukraine such as Kiev or Odessa has already digital broadcasting channels for the population. Till now in Feodosiya of such luxuries thought of. But this very representative of the national Council on television reported joyful news. Figure still be in Feodosia and high-quality image on the screens of tourists and permanent residents is primarily a qualitative indicator of the city. Until the end of the year is not so much time, but the responsible persons ensured that digital broadcasting for the new year to work. Digital television is not a simple design and implementation of its worth and money and facilities. You need to build and masts and expand engineering staff. Well, that Theodosius is the Internet provider Zeonbud, he decided to take such a positive act as digital television in Feodosia. Zeonbud has a license for broadcasting in the digital standard on the territory of Crimea.
This program has its pros and cons. On the one hand increases the number of channels and the quality of the picture. And on the other hand have to citizens in Feodosiya and in places where it will really stable reception to change their old TVs on new samples, and it is expensive part for family budgets. If your TV has tuner DVB-T2, you can easily receive signals in digital range. Tuners DVB-T2 standard in a massive sale is possible if the state would help, and the appropriate number of tuners to buy for the population. In this case, they may be cheaper than the cost of DVB-T2 now 800 UAH).
Immediately move to digital broadcasting in Feodosia and not be able to process this one side of the road, but with other labour cost, but by 2015 transition to the digital broadcasting will be fully implemented. By the way about what we ought to move to digital TV has a contract for another year 2006 Geneva-2006. Until 2013 analog signals can be broadcast, but after gradually will decreases.
In Russia digital TV are already sweeping the country!
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