Easy way to trim MP3 files (instruction from A to z)

Easy way to trim MP3 files (instruction from A to z) Easy way to trim MP3 files (instruction from A to z)
There is often a need to create amazing ringtone for my mobile phone from a separate part of the song in MP3 format This format is rather common in the world and songs in MP3 format to listen to just wonderful! All well and good, but the size of MP3 songs quite large, for example this song if he even likes not be practical to use in a mobile phone. You ask why?
Answer is very simple. Because firstly, you are not listening to the whole song on the alarm call, and you enough ????? a small piece to Wake up and cheer up! Secondly a lot of memory space does not happen! And so MP3 ringtones entirely on the call I'm not, save a place for songs and other for that matter!
What trim MP3 files? Programs for the work with MP3 songs great multitude, and everyone chooses himself exactly what he likes! Some people like to cut melodies Windows Movie Maker, others prefer MP3 Cutter Plus is free and very simple utility which allows you to cut any MP3 songs from your collection. I don't use neither the first, because for too long, nor the second, because it is too easy, and sometimes not the way it should.
I also tried a program called Sofonica, it's surprisingly simple and at the same time, sufficiently functional program, but in fact what they want for the activation of money! It is certainly good that someone wants money for a simple and quite convenient. But the us to cut a couple of MP3 ringtones for your mobile phone does not need such an expensive program (200 rubles), we look for in a network the Internet free program FreeAudioDub. This is usually a simple and all of its merits is still free. Cut the program itself musical sounds for your phone can be anyone. Just download it from the Deposit and use it! Now tell you how FreeAudioDub cutting ringtones for mobile devices!
It is a pleasure! Chose in the first field and the melody appears in the second output file, so say a visual indication of that which will be based on the output file if you don't know:) Click on the button to play MP3 melody and now we cut out all unnecessary labeling scaly pattern as shown in ?????????. First I cut all that cool slice, then listen to a fragment MP3 ringtones and rest until the end again cut. So I got a great song which weighs significantly less than the original MP3 songs, and the functionality and purpose of the melody from his ??????????? not lose.
When you have cut the excess you save melody!
To save ringtones to mp3 file, select the button that says save to your computer clipped tone. You will not see absolutely anything except ?????????? the window that your mp3 melody saved. You now have the folder and the original file, and its copy. You see that the truncated copy of the mp3 file is significantly smaller than the main fragment. She has the title of a console type ( Original (natasha+sasha.mp3) , and this is the output file (natasha+sasha_CUT.mp3). I think not to be confused mp3 file the original with the fact that you will need to fill in the phone memory!
With regard to the example program Windows Movie Maker, so she output file in this ????????? format that without alteration in the phone it makes no sense to stick. In the format Window Media Audio (WMA) ringtones many phones simply do not lose. And if suddenly you can scroll through, it still you are not satisfied, because the size of that of the original in MP3 format, and decreased piece in the format (WMA) will be approximately equal to:a) there is a Solution and it's simple, re convert a piece of (WMA) format (MP3) and mess! But why such a long decision, if we have already cropping and Converter in one software product called FreeAudioDub! In General use, I will give it all ?????????, because she killed a lot of time to find and download program to trim ringtones. The broken program, the links are not working. In General ??????????, but all kind of made you in his blog decision issued along the way!
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