Free Internet in the Crimea

Free Internet in the Crimea Point of connection to the Internet free of charge in the Crimea
In General, the Crimea and Naberezhnye all the great port cities covered the Internet is a fact. Earlier in Feodosiya was only ??????? Wi-Fi in the cafe, and now promenade is a great value. But here on the beach for example in ??????????? not exactly caught the network is probably there just until that point we'll be back there.
After Naberezhnye covered the network, the second phase is likely to be the promotion of clean beaches, because many would gladly ???????? would face until the sun caresses the back.
Recently learned that you can now find out exactly whether on the beach ??????? good or not. If the shell with a flag is the Internet can be caught.
What about for example the main Crimean resort of Yalta, all beaches starting with 3, 4 and 5 categories inet should in principle be accepted. What about free-of-charge or payment of interest, the matter is controversial. The lessee may also free to make the beach, and may be paid, as they say at the discretion of the owner. Here ?????????? ???????? Wai FAI on beaches in Crimea
Beaches category III:
Mermaid, Yalta, Koreiz
DOL-pension Russia, Evpatoria
Novyi Svet, Sudak, Novy Svet
Meganom, Sudak, Almond
Kapsel, Sudak, Almond
Calypso, Koktebel

Beaches category IV:
Dolphin, Yalta, Livadia
the hotel Primorsky Park, Yalta
KP Plant improvement, Yalta, Gaspra
next to the Solarium BriZtol, Yalta
the hotel Oreanda, Yalta

Beaches V category:
Massandra, Yalta
 Recipes of eternal youth Recipes of eternal youth
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