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In Feodosia earned a new meteo station full electronics In Feodosia earned a new meteo station full electronics
In Feodosia earned a new meteo station full electronics In Feodosia earned a new meteo station In the Crimea build new meteo station, which though as that should replace the one destroyed, but regularly working network of weather stations, which were built at the Union. In Feodosia built such a station and the cost was one million hryvnias, as usually the object financed from the budget. The laboratory will be located in adjacent to the center of the territory, where there are no cars and where there is not as they say drafts. The main task of the laboratory is the definition of air pollution levels. Station of the same standing along the roads indicator of contamination give along the routes, and what shall we say for the indicator of a kilometre from the road, here it has to guess build. Happy desire to ... [2013-10-29]

Free Internet in the Crimea Free Internet in the Crimea
Point of connection to the Internet free of charge in the Crimea In General, the Crimea and Naberezhnye all the great port cities covered the Internet is a fact. Earlier in Feodosiya was only фришный Wi-Fi in the cafe, and now promenade is a great value. But here on the beach for example in Айвазовском not exactly caught the network is probably there just until that point we'll be back there. After Naberezhnye covered the network, the second phase is likely to be the promotion of clean beaches, because many would gladly повисели would face until the sun caresses the back. Recently learned that you can now find out exactly whether on the beach фришный good or not. If the shell with a flag is the Internet can be caught. What about for example the main Crimean resort of Yalta, all beaches starting with 3, 4 ... [2013-10-29]

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