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In Feodosia many fountains
In Feodosia many fountains In ancient timeses, when else Feodosiya was referred to as Kafa and in city existed the most enormous slave market, in city already have their own fountains and small fontanchiki. Though in that distant timeses in Feodosia did not come Dnepr water and was not else such lake and pool as at our time, but all water in city for all necessities wholly was enough. There were even and fountains, two of them at our time and b...
Fountain on Karantine
Fountain on Karantine In old-time chronicle is mentionned that on Quarantine in past was a certain fountain, but was situated he next to armenian church. The Armenian church Saint Stefana and at our time exists, but is identified she otherwise. This temple Saint Dmitriya Solunskogo. That from itself presented this fontan? What writes in essay about that distant timeses Evgeniy Katyushin, beside temple there is fountain on grief, armenian hav...
Fountain in Karaimskoy sloboda
Fountain in Karaimskoy sloboda There is one more very remarkable fountain, it is located on Karaimskoy settlment. Either as many fountains of the timeses in Kafa this was too built by armenian, exactly for this reason its else name armenian though it is located in region where armenian lived at that period its construction was little, place where its erected was earlier occupied by karaimami. For to understand where this place, it is en...
Fountain Ayvazovskogo
Fountain Ayvazovskogo Subashskiy pluming and fountain Ayvazovskogo this one integer. Have Built it on New-Bazarskoy area in autumn 1887 construction to event connected with emperor Alexander Third. On dictation of the town duma erected fountain started to refer to as the name Alexander Third but built it on money Ayvazovskogo. In 1888 fountain started to name the name of its creator due to general-gubernatoru. Ayvazovskiy outlived abou...
Fountain Gaevskogo
Fountain Gaevskogo There where is crossed street of the name 8 March and street Greek there is unique place and exactly there and is found fountain Gaevskogo. The Name beside fountain such interesting appeared due to when that working in customs of one creative person. The Customs official and was erected this amazing fountain. At our days fountain in dilapidated condition and waits its hour, for to found the wise person and has restored it....

Chilter Koba in Cream. Chilter Koba in Cream.
Chilter Koba in Cream. Continue motion from Bahchisaraya aside Balaklavy if look on card and for direction to take cape Fiolent:) In region of the villages Red Lighthouse and Kuybyshevo ancient settlings were situated on arc. The cave city ed In some, in some simply rubble. The Following in our virtual journey on Krymu with guide Alenkoy Tkachenko will be an unique priory Chilter Koba. He is located between Syuyreniskoy fortress and fortress Mangup. In Syuyreniskoy fortresses we visitted and now on queue Chilter Koba. As I have already said, priory is located in Bahchisarayskom region, but enough таки far from most Bahchisaraya. If you dare to look this monument an ancient cultures, that probably in Cream will arrive in Simferopoli first. All there first arrive, but afterwards already on Krymu are travelle... [2010-09-15]

Social set Social set
Searching for friends from Feodosii in social set. The Correspondence in network occupies plenty of time from the personal time beside tinedgers. Observe such trend this year in network and womans medle age much more. That about Drunkard, that such in network internet much not much. Beside all possible already senile marasmus began and him quite not interesting amorous contact in world web. The Contact with girl such men change the contact with drinking companion on nature at the best, but in the most worst where terribly disgust beer in pab. I think if on chatter little in the personal encirclement, that possible and correspondence to guide to internet. Occasionly this delivers pleasing , but more often greater enjoyment, than chatter on small bench in usual situation. I about this know for sure. Want you to... [2010-09-13]

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