Ahmet Khan Hero of the SOVIET UNION

At period since twenty third October on twenty fifth October Feodosiya will note the anniversary a hero Great domestic War, twice hero Sovetstkogo Alliance Ahmet-Khan of the Sultan. He was performed 90 let.
 Such news appeared from town governing the culture Feodosii, Tamara Steblyuk was divided with nami.
?hmet Khan

 Who such AMET-HAN  The Sultan? If look the reference literature, that not it is difficult to realize, as as? The Pilot, Lieutenant colonel, owner state bonus, at time of the war pilot fighter aviations. Rather productive Ahmet-Khan its service record during war. He has made 603 combat flights, on total all flight has shaved off in composition of the group 19 enemy plane and itself personally 30 german assov.
On completion of the war specialist in flying deal became to feel the new models a plane. The First jet planes were practised exactly Ahmet-Khan, this was MIG-15 and MIG-19 , but in the same way intermediate model MIG-17. The Whole service record ispytatelya  and our Feodosiyskogo hero counts 100 types plane. But so uzh happened that war passed loss-free, but on peace field pal death brave. One test flight became for pilot fatalinym.
 Sovereign pleased has resolved to note the holiday Ahmet-Khan, as follows his 90 summer at a rate of strany.  In Feodosii on most main path to memories will pass the ceremony of the entrusting colour beside monument pilot. For explanation to young generation idea principle past generations in Central baby library on October 24 will call on the literary hour. The Name to lectures "Acquaintance with pilot by legend". The following day, as follows 25 are planned conduct in the same way action of education nature under slogan   Tester of the broad profile
Except Feodosii to celebrate the anniversary Ahmet-Khan will and in Alupke and Simferopole. An extensive cognitive program will too be In these city to this portentous date. ? in Feodosii will even be a guests with the other city, guests and colleague hero, contact will be in warm and friendly situation. I think will be all much interesting!
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