In Crimean wood already possible to enter

Did Not can be arid summer and large number fire on the whole territory of the Ukraine has compelled the government to take hard measures in respect of visit timber wood. All therefore that many inhabitants of the region not adequately behave in wood array that can become the reason a fire. Kindle the fire much simply, but redeem its not so that and easy, this requires the lots of time and sredstv.
Came to Cream expected autumn. Has Brought with itself rain and cool. The Climate was changed with hot on chilly and sufficient moisture has influenced upon taking the satisfactory conclusuon. Now possible inhabitant of the region to go in wood on mushrooms and herbs. The Ample rain has done practically not possible even at desire to light the campfire in timber more often. The Firewood and ground it is enough vlazhnye.
Yes such else I did not see:) I have shall enter hot summer. The Crimean wood simply perished from not grasps of water. Though and like sea beside, but ????? was not it is enough long time. Long two months on Feodosiey was clean and cloudless sky. The Grandiose measures on ensuring the order in game reserve and wood were dictated exactly this reason. It Was used much military and civil persons for ensuring the performing the resolution government Ukraines that before fight with timber pozharami.

Keep wood from fire
Measures were it is enough hard, but have brought its real effect. From committee on guard timber resource became known that fires all were, but their was not so much and all of these were in noticed time and are accordingly localized. Blazed the wood on area approximately 10 hectares, but centre of the inflammation to average gravity was 67. Basically blazed, herb or bedding in wood. Inflammation proceed basically from for indifferent relations with fire that has brought about damage on 57 000 griven.
Resolution which was cancelled has took effect August 6 on edict of the Advice minister ARCHES. Exactly local home rule was entrusted in this period to close the direct access to timber ugodiyam  in connection with high dangerous fire on territory Cream.
All ed and now and I and you will be able to stroll in quest of mushroom on timber array Kryma.
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