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Десантный корабльОтдых в СочиЭтническая деревняЗурбаганСалюта на день независимости не бутет!Празник птиц в ФеодосииВ селении Воинка открыли мечеть2 ой городской пляж в Феодосии

Throwing eggs in Feodosii on the beach
Attrakcion is identified get egg in window. In city passed the rumour that our mayor left with Calm check on evening Feodosii. That yes as in principle understand possible, I for he did not watch. Where he goes and that does little I interest. I interest the purity in city and normal rest for tourist since they us kormyat. Kafaniyus has written the small article on cause of the passing to this inspections. In principle probably much have ma...
Entry on beach for machines becomes pay
Not so far from Feodosii there is popular beach Sanderling . Temporarily въезд on territory of the beach was a free blame that was a judicial hearing. The First once interested persons to levy the charge in size 10 гривен in the form of the cossacks has dispersed the militia motivating this that that разрешительных document beside businessmans did not turn out to be. But this breach cl. 164 Administrative codes Ukrainy. Passed certain time an...
Ahmet Khan Hero of the SOVIET UNION
At period since twenty third October on twenty fifth October Feodosiya will note the anniversary a hero Great domestic War, twice hero Sovetstkogo Alliance Ahmet-Khan of the Sultan. He was performed 90 let. Such news appeared from town governing the culture Feodosii, Tamara Steblyuk was divided with nami.  Who such AMET-HAN  The Sultan? If look the reference literature, that not it is difficult to realize, as as? The Pilot, Lieute...
In Crimean wood already possible to enter
Did Not can be arid summer and large number fire on the whole territory of the Ukraine has compelled the government to take hard measures in respect of visit timber wood. All therefore that many inhabitants of the region not adequately behave in wood array that can become the reason a fire. Kindle the fire much simply, but redeem its not so that and easy, this requires the lots of time and sredstv. Came to Cream expected autumn. Has Brought w...

What prevents the relations of men and women? What prevents the relations of men and women?
That does harm to relations in the beginning? Two common errors! You probably have in life was for example once such a situation? You have met a cool guy! Everything is just great! You meet a second time, like everything went on a first date well enough! In the evenings you think and analyze its behavior, to create its unique appropriate manner for your partner. Everything seems to be in my dreams before, and here it is finally implemented into something serious, that can be touched and with whom you can chat! But you are not aware that the third appointment will not be simple! Your partner will avoid you. You call him, and he answers that work fully and that it is sent on a business trip to Honduras! And Honduras very far and he probably there will not arrive at all!... [2013-11-01]

 Recipes of eternal youth Recipes of eternal youth
Old age and youth has its borders. They intersect and one complements the other. You can be young and thinking like an old man, but you can be old but be the same my energetic as the young generation. In General, everything in this world is relative and all at the same time has the weight and price. In ancient times, people may have lived much longer than currently. Perhaps there were other conditions, was dirt, neither in this part or in other frequency bands. And it was believed if the person died at the age of 70 years, then he died in the cradle.. In our age of rapid average life expectancy is slightly different, about 70 years. To live a long life can be, but how it does it stupidity or on the stupidity of our being. As I said that youth is the status of the first thoughts, and then everything else. How... [2013-11-01]

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