Kachy - Kalion is translated as crusade bot.

The name of rock Kachy - Kalion is translated as crusade bot.
If you leave on regular bus from Bahchisaraya to settle Verhorechie, but afterwards leave to look the gigantic canyon which for many ages has formed the stream rock, that hardly miss the gigantic on nose which unless turn on split hairs, possible consider the cross from rifts in stone sort. See for this reason given bluff and is named Crusade korabli .
Steep declivity of rock goes on height more than 140 metres. The rock it is enough soft and this became see main reason of the origin in her ensemble of the caves. Additionally residence here safely and there is enough food and water. If appeared the danger a people could escape and in safe place to wait out before the best timeses. The Source on most top in grotto is named by name saint Anastasii. Many simply arrive for this water considering its saint. At present beside this source stands the ancient priory, supposedly its have built at period with 8 on 10 ages. Good-conditioned before us ????? remainder several rock church, premiseses where veins monks, but in the same way instruments of the labour and the remainder defensive fortress steny.

whole wholly their limestone, hangs over gorge as enormous nave. Exactly on him and was formed sity. This area of the Crimean caves archeologist little was studied on length of the last ages and from this seems more enigmatic. On essences it is difficult to say about type local settlings concretely, possible this was simply defensive fortress, but possible priory. Though abudance found instrument, speak, in favour of opinions that in these cave of the vein usual tiller. They Are Found greater excavated pits where in antiquities pressed grape. As judged by size whole this production, that this was a mini plant, which supplied not only local inhabitants elite quality by wine, but also were done supply in the other regions Kryma.

In there is five natural caves which in turn unite in its county of the cave. Five greater moles from which aside leave the small caves. Is it usually accepted to consider these grottoes if look with West part aside Orient. Specifically wanted you to tell about most big grotto. As I have said already you to find it easy, he begin he fourth, yes and so he and is identified Fourth grotto. In grotto was acting priory up to timeses of the great transmigration christian from Cream aside Azova. Subsequently christian tried to reconstruct that that like priory and in 19 ages have organized here skit. Which have named the name Saint Anastasii, but him not to manage long to exist, came the communists and through 4 after revolution skit was liquidated, but prist simply razognali.
Saint Sofii

This not one temple which here possible look, there is here and several religious of the buildings smaller scale. To example, the church Saint Sofii, church Saint Anastasii.
As you have understood in these region of the person dwells already enough long ago we have only raised the layer of the average ages though are they here found and settlings more early period. Opened parking the ancient person of the period late paleolit. Then and there not far parking the bronze period. In this region, near spring on much paintings Kemi-obinsk of the culture Tash Air (Separate stoun).
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Fidomobile - best rates for calls within Ukraine In Ukraine, a new mobile operator, soon he will allocate frequency range and it will start worth their villages and base station first in the major cities, and later in district centers and as they say in the media, then in a couple of years, the whole of Ukraine is covered with the high-speed network of mobile communication. Beginning, a new mobile operator LLC Fidomobile is included in the register of enterprises, which are authorized to provide services to the population in the sphere of cellular communication and the Internet. More details can be found on the Newswire of the licensing authority. Internet in the Crimea and in Feodosiya very bad and expensive, so that the appearance of a new player on the market of Internet services, everyone accepted ... [2013-10-29]

In Feodosia earned a new meteo station full electronics In Feodosia earned a new meteo station full electronics
In Feodosia earned a new meteo station full electronics In Feodosia earned a new meteo station In the Crimea build new meteo station, which though as that should replace the one destroyed, but regularly working network of weather stations, which were built at the Union. In Feodosia built such a station and the cost was one million hryvnias, as usually the object financed from the budget. The laboratory will be located in adjacent to the center of the territory, where there are no cars and where there is not as they say drafts. The main task of the laboratory is the definition of air pollution levels. Station of the same standing along the roads indicator of contamination give along the routes, and what shall we say for the indicator of a kilometre from the road, here it has to guess build. Happy desire to ... [2013-10-29]