Cave city Bakla in Cream

From all cave city closer whole to capital Cream is found city Bakla.
Bakla in Cream

Get before Simferopolya from Bakly possible or electric train and stop village Pleasing appointment, or by car before sowed rocky. Bakla-cave city, is found on north of the Crimean peninsula, ???????? cave city simply no. The Data of the building the most north on Cream. The City is found on height 300 metres on sea level. If on card will search for that this Bahchisarayskiy region. Near village Subject-Bodrak. The Small town very picturesque just in this region sinks the stream Bodrak in river Alma. If dare to go on direct from Simferopolya, that approximately 20 km with any pass-by. The Amazing place on beauty. As is well known from history chronically ill person. The First colonizer here got as far back as 14 ages. This was a people Vizantii and here grew grape on wine. About this speaks many archeological discoveries from these places. Ed and defensive fortifications, sooner whole lived in these places colonizer what that powerfully feared though there were peace people, and took cover in their own fortress in the event of approach the enemy. All that was for wall was so is pressed wall to one another that possible without labour by foot whole city on roof. Here, main residence of ruler, that is the ruler Bakly. In close proximity fortresses, the archeologist are found and studied multiple remains of the rural settlings of that timeses. Much amphorases are Found for blame and rural stock. All govorit. about that that here veins tiller, rather then cattle breeders. Vblizi ????? have found much church of the buildings of them attribute to Christianity were defined eight buildings. Amongst constructions there is elevated, underground, cave chapels and churches ninth age. If interest the old fellow, that given complex stands to look. From Feodosii he not so far. I have in principle told where this with near to Simferopolyu.
Bakla in Cream
Fidomobile - best rates for calls within Ukraine Fidomobile - best rates for calls within Ukraine
Fidomobile - best rates for calls within Ukraine In Ukraine, a new mobile operator, soon he will allocate frequency range and it will start worth their villages and base station first in the major cities, and later in district centers and as they say in the media, then in a couple of years, the whole of Ukraine is covered with the high-speed network of mobile communication. Beginning, a new mobile operator LLC Fidomobile is included in the register of enterprises, which are authorized to provide services to the population in the sphere of cellular communication and the Internet. More details can be found on the Newswire of the licensing authority. Internet in the Crimea and in Feodosiya very bad and expensive, so that the appearance of a new player on the market of Internet services, everyone accepted ... [2013-10-29]

In Feodosia earned a new meteo station full electronics In Feodosia earned a new meteo station full electronics
In Feodosia earned a new meteo station full electronics In Feodosia earned a new meteo station In the Crimea build new meteo station, which though as that should replace the one destroyed, but regularly working network of weather stations, which were built at the Union. In Feodosia built such a station and the cost was one million hryvnias, as usually the object financed from the budget. The laboratory will be located in adjacent to the center of the territory, where there are no cars and where there is not as they say drafts. The main task of the laboratory is the definition of air pollution levels. Station of the same standing along the roads indicator of contamination give along the routes, and what shall we say for the indicator of a kilometre from the road, here it has to guess build. Happy desire to ... [2013-10-29]